Monday, August 06, 2007

Nightwatch: Bird gets an extreme makeover

Nightwatch: Bird gets an extreme makeover:
"Eek. Now he has those fancy sinks that are basically declining granite slabs, so the water rolls away from you and into a small crack in the back. You'll enjoy washing your hands now.
While much has changed, some things have not. That 'Big Buck Hunter' video game? Still there. Pulltabs? You betcha, though the pulltab station goes dark before too late. And there's still a row of dartboards and a bunch of pool tables.
But that's the balancing act that Dive Bar wants to play, Meyer said. By day, the place is your normal bar/restaurant (Matty B's is in charge of the kitchen) with 17 new plasma TVs showing sports. It's at night, after 9 p.m. usually, when Dive Bar really gets going.
The club had its grand reopening last Friday, bringing in Roonie G., a Las Vegas-based DJ who's made a name for himself spinning videos. While a few Twin Cities clubs have video nights, with DJs playing music videos for the crowd to dance to, this guy put on a show, mixing music videos, movie clips and just plain songs. He'd go from playing Unk's 'Walk It Out' over a clip of the dancing penguins in 'Happy Feet,' to battle scenes from '300' mixed with the Shop Boyz' 'Party Like a Rockstar' video. He'd fit perfectly in a big downtown club. "
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