Wednesday, March 07, 2007 - Serving Clark County, Washington - Serving Clark County, Washington:

"Gambling interests play off each other in endless bid for more, more, more
The old game of legal-gambling leapfrog in Washington state is in full swing, with those in power expanding gambling while saying they don't like to see gambling expanded.
The next big boost to gambling in this state is likely to come in a March 9 meeting of the state Gambling Commission (, whose ex-officio members include Rep. Richard Curtis, R-La Center. It'd be refreshing to see the commission bring at least a temporary halt to the game then and there.
Legal-gambling leapfrog is many years old in Washington and has several major players, including: La Center-style mini-casinos and recreational cardrooms; tribal casinos; bingo parlors; the state Lottery; race tracks, punchcards and pulltabs. "
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