Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Palladium-Item - www.pal-item.com - Richmond, Ind.

Palladium-Item - www.pal-item.com - Richmond, Ind.:

"Gambling addiction isn't a disease that affects those who can afford it. 'One thing that gets ignored is bingo,' Roll said. 'There are people spending their grocery money on it.'
The growth of the gaming industry isn't likely to subside.
'We've gotten dependent on it,' State Sen. Allen Paul said. 'People don't want taxes.'
A bill that would allow racetracks in Indiana to sell 'pull tabs' is expected in this session of the Indiana General Assembly.
The rampant legalization of gambling has reduced the outcry against illegal gambling.
'I can't remember when the last time was we got a complaint,' Richmond Police detective Sgt. Brad Berner said.
Local police work with Indiana excise police in enforcing gambling laws.
'Frankly, it's a low priority for us,' Berner said. 'It's difficult to enforce something that's been legalized around the state.'
Addiction to gambling is much like other addictions, Campbell-Roux said. 'The brain reacts to gambling in much the same way it can react to drugs or alcohol,' she said.
There is no 'magic pill' to help a person through a gambling problem. Education and support are the key to the cure."
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