Friday, November 24, 2006

HDNet Original Programming - Transcripts

This is from HDNet's Dan Rather report transcript on episode "The Best Congress Money Can Buy"

HDNet Original Programming - Transcripts:
", ' I want all their money.' ANOTHER E-MAIL WAS READ BY BEN NIGHTHORSE CAMPBELL, THE ONLY NATIVE AMERICAN SENATOR AT THE TIME. At one time or another, according to your e-mails, you and Mr. Scanlon referred to tribes as morons, stupid idiots, monkeys, f-ing troglodytes, which you defined as a lower form of existence and losers. My question concerning your definition of those clients is this: Why would you want to work for people that you have that much content for? Mr. Chairman, I respect the committee's process, that's why I am here today. But in light of the correspondence that occurred between the committee and my counsel including the committee's decision not to make any provisions for my testimony though the grant of legislative immunity, I have no choice but to assert my various constitutional privileges against having to testify. ABRAMOFF INVOKED HIS CONSTITUTIONAL PRIVILEGE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Senator I respectfully invoke the privileges as previously stated. SENATOR CAMPBELL PUT THE HEARINGS INTO HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE DURING THE TESTIMONY OF MICHAEL SCANLON, ABRAMOFF'S PARTNER IN CRIME. I have to tell you that for 400 hundred years people have been cheating Indians in America, so you're not the first one Mr. Scanlon. It is just ashamed that in this enlightened day that you have added a new dimension to a shameful legacy of what has happened to American Indians. You're the problem buddy of what happens to American Indians. "
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