Tuesday, November 15, 2005

CD Review System of a Down “Toxicity” 2005

SOAD’S sophomore ID!

I have to admit to being a reverse SOAD fan. I purchased the “Mezmerize” CD first. I liked what I heard, so I purchase “Toxicity.” I see now were SOAD realized what songs worked with “Toxicity” and produced more songs along that line with “Mezmerize.” I usually scoff at any new metal bands these days because of the lack of originality, style and staying power. I have always been a RATM supporter, so their split hurt. As a side note, I am still waiting for Zach to due a solo CD. But I do follow Audioslave (Tom Morello works his magic but is still under-utilized!) SO it takes a lot for me to purchase any CD these days.

“Toxicity” was release in 2001 with a mix of hardcore metal songs (Deer Dance, Jet Pilot, X) and those that were experimental (Bounce, Atwa, Psycho) with quirky Middle Eastern vocals. The combination of vocal changes and guitar chord timing is what makes this CD work. “Chop Suey” and “Aerials” are examples of songs that were popular. So do what staying power bands do. Build on your success and “Mezmerize” was born. The most popular song is “Toxicity” because it is more mainstream and acceptable for radio play.

Here is a pet peeve of mine: Does this sound familiar? A lead vocalist is singing in one monotone vocal from the diaphragm “Arrrrh Barrrrrrr Rahhhhh HELL Arrrrrh Barrrrrrh,” then a single guitar riff chord solo….END. This is a typical metal song from A LOT of so called great metal bands. But to me that is un-original and uninteresting. There might be a market for that somewhere or nowhere.

SOAD is not afraid of experimentation. That is a good thing. Their music evolves and is not stagnant. I can’t wait for their new release “Hypnotize.” Due in stores November 22, 2005.

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