Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Movie Review for “Two for the Money” (2005)

Three for the no show!

This film features Al Pacino (Walter Abrams) and Mathew McConaughey (Brandon Lang) with supporting roles from Renee Russo (Toni Morrow) and “Entourage’s” Jeremy Piven (Jerry).

“Two for the Money” is based on the real life sports handicapper Brandon Link. Brandon Lang’s career ending knee injury puts him working the 900 lines as a part time sports handi capper. Brandon somehow has an 80% winning record because of his access to players. This percentage captures the eye of Walter Abrams. Walter Abrams runs a successful sports handicapping cable show in New York. He wants to groom Brandon to take over his business. And Walter will do anything to get Brandon to think like him.

Walter marks Brandon as John Anthony. John Anthony is the eccentric no nonsense sports handicapper that has an 80% lifetime record on football games. So the gambling degenerates use John Anthony’s advice and win. Of course when things fly south all hell breaks loose. Trust no one! Utilizing the father and son relationship Walter tries to play one last hand.

This movie is too long and has too many dead ends. Al Pacino fans will enjoy his performance, as always. Matthew McConaughey’s women or men fans will enjoy the many shirtless, weightlifting scenes that bring nothing to the film. Kudos to Jeremy Piven of “Entourage” for making his character sizzle. The script is lacking substance and direction with a predictable outcome.

I usually don’t review bad movies but this one cost me some hard earned cash. I can’t recommend seeing this film at the movie theatre. Any price at the box office will not cover the performances, script and sports handicapping business. If you are a fan of the actors, wait for the DVD to come out. If you want to know “how to” handicap games flip a coin. The biggest laugh was from Long Duk Dong “No more yanky my wanky, Donger need food!” revisited.
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