Monday, February 14, 2005

Strictly the Best 31 CD Review

Bounty by layer!

This is one of the best compilation Cds in the “Strictly the Best” series. This Cd runs the gamut from Dancehall to traditional riddems’. “Dude” by Beenie Man with the sexy, sultry voice of Ms. Thing starts off this cd at a fast riddem’ man. Next in line is the very popular “All Out” by Elephant Man. Get up and dance all out. Stand up and shout.
Are you into remixes? Then the “Get Busy Remix” by Sean Paul ignites your inner self. This cut alone is worth having in your collection. Sizzla, Bounty Killer and the tra dich “Smile” by Junior Kelly will put on smile on any face.
I’ve noticed stateside dancehall is marketed in compilations first. Then artist must gain the popular vote and get a solo album. Money and riches will follow. Do you sellout to gain popularity? Some say so, some same no. But who am I to talk?
Get this Cd for your collection. Then indulge yourself with the artists themselves. Happy “ Hot in the club” dancing.
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