Monday, January 10, 2005

Caesars 24/7: New Real-Life Series. Premieres January 10th at 10pm/9C

CAESARS 24/7 takes an insiders' look into the famous Las Vegas resort, Caesars Palace. Viewers will meet a regular cast of Palace employees, including a savvy sports book oddsmaker who is also a family man, a concierge who has served as butler to kings and queens, an indomitable pit boss about to embark on his third marriage, and a young woman working her way through college as a poolside "Grape Goddess."
There will also be a revolving cast of tourists and regulars, naive first-time gamblers, imperious high-rollers, reckless newlyweds, and many more of the 60,000 winners and losers who pass through Caesars Palace each day. Viewers will watch their lives unfold against the glamorous backdrop of this 80-acre, 2,400-room resort in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.
But living and working in the Entertainment Capital of the World isn't nearly as fun as visiting. Between VIP guests, struggles for promotions, and chances at fame, there is more at stake for the cast of CAESARS 24/7 than a casino jackpot. Some are out to climb the ladder, some to get out and get a better life, and some just to make it through the day, but one thing at Caesars is always clear-there are winners and there are losers, and little room for anything in between.
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